POPS Worldwide - Công ty cổ phần Phong Phú Sắc Việt
Lầu 4 Tòa Nhà Viettel, 285 CTM8, P12
ĐT: 02862921652
Quy mô: Trên 100 đến 200 người
POPS Worldwide is a leading digital entertainment company and based in Vietnam. As a pioneer in the field of digital entertainment in Vietnam, POPS has become the multi-channel network of choice amongst digital entertainment community in Vietnam with hundreds of channels from all types of content from music, comedy, short films, beauty, news and game shows. Working directly with our partners, POPS Worldwide advocates for the intellectual property rights of its partner creators, helping them monetize for their creative work on different platforms such as YouTube, iTunes, amazon.mp3, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play, Guvera, Ringback Tone of Vietnamese telcos etc .
Our mission is to be the leading media network in Southeast Asia, POPS is always looking for outstanding talent to join our team – people who are passionate, innovative, creative and dedicated. At POPS Worldwide, you will find significant career growth opportunities in a fast growing media industry and gain invaluable experience.
Tuyển dụng


Giới tính Không phân biệt
Trình độ Cao đẳng
Kinh nghiệm 3 năm
Mức lương 20000000
Hình thức Nhân viên chính thức
Thử việc 2 tháng
Ngành nghề Hành chính/Thư ký
Luật/Pháp lý
Tính chất Việc làm thu nhập cao
Nơi làm việc TPHCM
Công việc


• To prepare legal research, give legal advice, develop administrative regulations, provide legal analysis of issues, and administer contracts.

• To foresee legal changes that affect the Company’s business and provide appropriate advice.

• To ensure the legality in the Company operational issues.

• To coach and grow senior staff

• Corporate counsel

- Delivering legal opinion and advice as requested.

- Reviewing, drafting business contracts.

- Reviewing, proposing corporate policies and internal processes.

- Resolving (or coordinating with external lawyer to resolve) disputes and litigation cases.

• Strategic transactions

- Assisting in strategic transactions as assigned by Legal Manager, including providing legal advice, conducting internal legal due diligence, drafting/reviewing contract, agreement and any other legal documents.


• Knowledge (Educational Background)

- Law university graduate.

- Good knowledge of general corporate laws and regulations.

- Good knowledge of laws and regulations of IP, internet and online services (advantage).

- Excelent writing skills in English and Vietnamese

• Attitude

- Constructive.

- Cooperative.

- Responsive.

- Supportive.

• Skills

- Legal analysis and writing.

- Leadership, staff coaching and training.

- Problem solving.

- Review contract

- See around corners

• Relevant Experience

- At least 3 years of law practice.

Hồ sơ - CV
Hạn hộp 31-10-2018

Hết hạn nộp hồ sơ

Thông tin liên hệ
Người liên hệ Ms. Hà
Địa chỉ Lầu 4 Tòa Nhà Viettel, 285 CTM8, P12
ĐT 02862921652
Hình thức liên hệ qua mail
Hỗ trợ: 0917 929 055
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